Put a Working Man in the Legislature

Matthew Porras

As a working class man looking at the current political climate, I have determined that the time of establishment politics is over.  The political process is controlled by people who have no concern for the well-being of the average person.  Instead, laws are drafted by lobbyists for major industries and interest groups and passed by our politicians without being given any real thought.  That being the case, I've decided to get seriously involved to help shape what will be the next establishment into something that will better serve the people of Wyoming and the United States.  I hope I can count on your support in my efforts.


The Top Issues of my Campaign


Constitutional Amendment to Restore Free and Fair Elections

Money is a corrupting influence in the American political process and we need a Constitutional amendment to correct this issue. Politicians at the national level directly benefit from the massive amount of money funneled into the campaign process and, as a result, will do nothing to help this.  Thankfully, there’s a process within our system that allows for a limited amendments Constitutional convention if 34 states agree to initiate the process.  I’ll introduce a resolution calling for such an amendment from Wyoming as several other states have done at this point. As this issue grows, we can bring political power back into the hands of the people.  Those interested in this topic can learn more at

Medicaid Expansion



Our state legislature’s opposition to the Medicaid expansion provided for with the Affordable Care Act has been purely political and has only cost our state money. In our legislature’s desire to stand against the Obama Administration, all they’ve succeeded in doing is to refuse $310,653 per day since the law was enacted.  As someone who’s spent much of my working life near poverty, I can tell you that financial trouble related to medical care leads to even greater financial trouble while the medical concerns which go untreated limit people’s ability to be as productive as they would be otherwise, not only harming people’s health, but hindering our state’s economic growth.

$10 Minimum Wage



Trickle-down economics does not work.  Employers do not hire people because they have more money in their bank accounts, they hire when more man power is needed to satisfy their demands.  Our economy thrives when the working poor have extra money as they are the ones who spend their money rather than amassing more wealth.  In a state economy that’s tied to matters out of our control, such as the market for coal and oil, we can create economic advantage through a minimum wage which appeals to workers and gives them the luxury of spending money for enrichment rather than just survival necessities.  While $12 or $15 would be preferred, $10 is necessary, so that’s what I’m fighting for.